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At Eascan Automation, we excel in delivering superior custom machine design. Robots offer distinct advantages as they don’t fatigue, lose interest, or sustain injuries, and they require no rest. Their operation is characterized by exceptional speed, precision, and consistency, which translates into significant benefits for your business. 

Robotic Cells

At Eascan Automation, safety is not just a priority—it’s the foundation of everything we do. We employ a comprehensive approach to ensure safety, including control reliability, light curtains, interlocked fencing, and thorough hazard assessments. Working collaboratively with your safety team, we assess potential risks and implement effective design and engineering controls to mitigate them.

Eascan Automation possesses extensive engineering capabilities to evaluate hazards and risks, and to develop comprehensive safety solutions, including hard guarding and engineered controls. Our guarding solutions are designed with a focus on machine acceptability, operator safety, accessibility, ergonomics, and durability. Engineered controls are meticulously designed using top-tier safety hardware from trusted providers like Rockwell Automation and Omron, ensuring controlled and reliable circuits.

Furthermore, we enhance safety awareness through the creation of standard operating procedures (SOPs), comprehensive user manuals, clear decaling and signage, and hands-on training. By integrating safety into our machinery designs from the beginning, we not only safeguard personnel but also enhance overall machine efficiency. At Eascan Automation, embedding safety into our designs and operations is paramount, ensuring that it remains at the core of our processes.

Industrial Controls Design

Eascan Automation specializes in delivering custom-designed Industrial Control Panels, tailored to fit the specific requirements of each application.

We utilize AutoCAD Electrical for the precise design of our control panels, ensuring they meet the highest standards. Each panel is constructed with CSA certification, guaranteeing quality and compliance. All components are meticulously sized and selected to optimize performance for the intended application.

Our expertise extends to the integration and programming of a wide range of programming logic controllers (PLCs) and Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) from industry-leading manufacturers such as Allen-Bradley, Siemens, Omron, Schneider, and Automation Direct. This capability allows us to provide versatile and robust control solutions that enhance operational efficiency and reliability.


At Eascan Automation, we collaborate closely with you to identify and define all peripheral devices (inputs and outputs) needed for your system. This crucial step ensures we fully grasp the scope and functionality of the control system before initiating the design process. After achieving a comprehensive understanding, we prepare and submit shop drawings in AutoCAD format for your approval.

Once we receive approval, our skilled team builds the control panel in-house, adhering to CSA standards and ensuring CSA certification. Each wire and device is meticulously labeled according to the drawings, and all panels are equipped with a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). We rigorously test the inputs and outputs before the panel is shipped to ensure flawless operation upon arrival.

Upon delivery, Eascan provides comprehensive installation, integration, and commissioning services. Whether you require a small system or a complex multi-panel configuration, Eascan is your all-in-one provider for industrial controls. We are dedicated to your project’s success because your success is our success!

Technical Integration

Robotics integration and automation are closely intertwined concepts.

Eascan specializes in integrating systems for all the major robot manufacturers, making robotic integration a fundamental aspect of our identity.

Our team is equipped to assist you in planning your application using our in-house simulation expertise, ultimately designing and building the right solution for your challenges.

Technical integration involves configuring robots and robotic systems to execute automated tasks within your production processes.

Our team of Integrators will evaluate your operations to identify potential enhancements. We then implement the necessary automation technology, which may include robotics, to optimize these areas. 

Additionally, we provide services to retrofit and upgrade your existing equipment with the latest technology, enhancing both the quality and productivity of your operations.

Overall, our solutions are designed to optimize your manufacturing processes, ensuring top-tier performance and efficiency.

Mechanical Design and Service

At Eascan, we transform ideas into innovative creations. Here’s how we bring your visions to life:

  1. Challenge Discovery: We begin by understanding the client’s needs, gathering detailed information about the scope, and identifying specific challenges.
  2. Concept Development: Our team designs initial concepts tailored to meet your requirements.
  3. Concept Refinement and Prototyping: We refine these ideas further, which may include creating prototypes to visualize the solution.
  4. Final Design Development: Using advanced solid modeling software, we craft the definitive design.
  5. Client Design Reviews: We engage with clients through multiple reviews to ensure the design meets all expectations.
  6. Final Build: Our skilled technicians construct the final product with precision.
  7. Shop Acceptance: The completed machine undergoes rigorous in-house testing.
  8. Delivery and Installation: We manage the shipping and perform on-site installation and commissioning.
  9. Site Acceptance Testing and Support: After installation, we conduct a final site acceptance test and provide ongoing support.

All machines from Eascan come with a comprehensive 1-year warranty on all parts, ensuring reliability and your peace of mind.

Motion Control

Where relevant, we will recommend the integration of Robotics or Vision Systems technology to precisely meet the project’s objectives.

Robotics offer a flexible solution for activating work cells designed for assembly and managing workpieces efficiently.

Vision systems enhance our capabilities by offering part recognition and quality control. They support fabrication and assembly processes, complementing other actuations within the system, ensuring a seamless and efficient production flow.

At Eascan Automation, we employ the latest and most reliable technologies for multi-axis motion control in production environments. Our toolkit includes advanced servo systems from Allen-Bradley, Siemens, Omron, and Schneider, alongside cutting-edge robots from KUKA and ABB. Additionally, we leverage Vision Systems (Cognex) to enhance error-proofing and quality control in areas of production where human involvement is either impractical or inadvisable.

Our Services Include:

  • Programming: Crafting intuitive and efficient control programs.
  • Troubleshooting: Rapidly identifying and resolving issues to minimize downtime.
  • Robotic Packaging: Automating packaging processes for increased speed and precision.
  • Dual-Robot Assembling Machine: Utilizing two robots in tandem for complex assembly tasks.

We have an in-house team of full-time programmers who are proficient in using all necessary software to support both our systems and those of other manufacturers. Our programming is clear, well-structured for scalability, and thoroughly documented. For your convenience and future reference, we provide complete soft copies of all programming documentation.

Electrical Service and Emergency Support

At Eascan Automation, we handle everything from basic building wiring to complex instrumentation signals and data transmission—we truly do it all! Our fleet of Eascan Service Vehicles is outfitted with state-of-the-art hardware, enabling our expert team of electricians to provide efficient and timely installation and electrical services directly at your site.

Additionally, the Eascan Maintenance Program (EMP) offers comprehensive supplemental support designed to enhance the safety and efficiency of your operations. The EMP enables us to deliver consistent and thorough service and preventative maintenance to your equipment. This proactive approach helps minimize downtime, ensuring your operations run smoothly and reliably.

Trust Eascan to keep your systems at peak performance, day in and day out.




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