Explore what automation can do

Here at Eascan, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of industrial automation, delivering tailored solutions that revolutionize how businesses operate. Our expertise spans a wide array of industries, from manufacturing and food processing to logistics and pharmaceuticals. Each sector faces unique challenges, and we have the innovative technologies and in-depth knowledge to address them effectively.

On this page, you’ll find detailed case studies that showcase our successful projects and demonstrate the tangible benefits our automation solutions bring to various industries. These real-world examples highlight our commitment to excellence, our problem-solving capabilities, and the transformative impact we can have on your operations. Explore how Eascan Automation can drive efficiency, enhance productivity, and ensure competitiveness in your industry.

Food and Beverage

Eascan Automation transformed ice cream manufacturing with a collaborative robot system that automates jar loading and removes empty packaging boxes. This solution boosts efficiency, reduces manual labor, and ensures continuous operation. Ideal for various food and beverage industries, our technology enhances productivity for manufacturers of sauces, preserves, beverages, baby food, and nut butters.

"Collaborative robot at Eascan Automation dispensing ice cream jars onto a conveyor belt in a manufacturing setting."


"Collaborative robot at Eascan Automation dispensing ice cream jars onto a conveyor belt in a manufacturing setting."

Eascan Automation revolutionized the manufacturing process for a Manitoba aluminum castings company by implementing a machine tending robot that automates handling, drilling, CNC operations, residue cleanup, and storage. This innovation allows for unsupervised overnight operation, ensuring increased productivity, consistent high-quality parts, and significant cost savings. Industries such as aerospace, automotive, medical devices, electronics, consumer goods, and metalworking can also benefit from similar automation solutions.