In the highly competitive field of parts manufacturing, efficiency and productivity are paramount. One of our clients, an aluminum castings company based in Manitoba, CA, faced a significant challenge in optimizing their machining processes. Their skilled machinist was spending valuable time feeding a CNC machine with raw parts , removing the finished parts  and performing a cleaning operation which was not an effective use of his expertise.

The Challenge

The client’s manufacturing process involved multiple steps:

  1. Receiving raw parts.
  2. Placing them in the CNC machine
  3. Removing the finished parts
  4. Cleaning up residues from the machining process.
  5. Placing the finished parts on shelves.

These tasks required constant manual intervention, limiting the machinist’s availability for more complex and high-value activities. The client sought a solution that could automate these repetitive tasks, increase productivity, and allow their machinist to focus on more critical work.

Yellow robotic arm operating inside a CNC machine tending
Collaborative robot at Eascan Automation removing empty boxes from a conveyor belt in a manufacturing facility

Our Solution

Eascan Automation was approached to devise an automated solution. After thorough analysis and consultation, Eascan developed a state-of-the-art machine tending robot designed to streamline the client’s manufacturing process.

Key Features of the Automated Machine Tending System

  1. Automated Handling: The robot efficiently picks raw parts from a designated cabinet, ensuring a continuous flow of materials without manual intervention.
  2. Precision Drilling and CNC Operations: Equipped with advanced tools, the robot drills holes and performs necessary CNC operations with high precision.
  3. Residue Cleanup: An integrated air blow system drys the part after the cleaning bath, ensuring that each part meets quality standards.
  4. Organized Storage: After processing, the robot neatly places the finished parts back on the shelf, ready for shipping to the customer.
  5. Unsupervised Operation: The robot can operate unsupervised overnight, significantly boosting productivity and ensuring round-the-clock manufacturing.
  6. Remote Access Dashboard: The system includes a remote access dashboard, allowing supervisors to monitor operations and make adjustments in real time from any location.
  7. Standardized Parts and Consistency in Quality: The automated system ensures that each part is manufactured to exact specifications, maintaining consistency and high standards across all produced components.

Benefits Realized

The implementation of the machine tending robot brought several benefits to the client:

  • Increased Efficiency: The automation of repetitive tasks freed up the machinist’s time, allowing him to focus on more complex and value-added activities.
  • Enhanced Productivity: The ability to operate unsupervised overnight resulted in a significant increase in output.
  • Cost Savings: Automation reduced labor costs and minimized downtime, contributing to overall cost efficiency.
  • Consistency in Quality: The robot maintained a high level of consistency in the production process, ensuring each part met stringent quality standards.

Other Industries Benefiting from CNC Machine Tending Applications

The benefits of CNC machine tending applications extend far beyond the aluminum castings industry. Many sectors can significantly enhance their manufacturing processes through automation:

  • Aerospace: Precision and consistency are critical in aerospace manufacturing. Automated machine tending ensures high-quality components for aircraft and spacecraft.
  • Automotive: The automotive industry benefits from increased production rates and consistent quality in parts manufacturing, leading to more reliable vehicles.
  • Medical Device Manufacturing: Precision and hygiene are paramount in producing medical devices. Automated systems reduce human error and ensure stringent quality control.
  • Electronics: Small, intricate parts required in electronics manufacturing benefit from the precision and reliability of automated CNC machine tending.
  • Consumer Goods: High-volume production lines for consumer goods see improved efficiency and consistency, reducing costs and enhancing product quality.
  • Metalworking: Any industry involved in metalworking can benefit from automated processes that handle complex tasks with precision and reliability.


Eascan Automation’s machine tending robot transformed the client’s parts manufacturing process. By automating the handling, drilling, CNC operations, and cleanup, the robot not only optimized the use of skilled labor but also significantly increased productivity and consistency. This case study highlights the potential of automation in enhancing manufacturing processes and underscores Eascan Automation’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions tailored to the needs of modern industries.



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